At The Wasilla House Of Bread Bakery Café, We Make Bread The Way Grandma and Grandpa Made It – By Hand, Fresh & Naturally.

  • We are dedicated to providing your family with the best tasting and most nutritious bakery products available. Our bakeries and cafes serve up good taste that comes naturally. So stop by and treat yourself to some samples of the freshest bread in Wasilla.

    Our Wasilla bakery will take you back in time to a kinder, gentler, simpler place. We want our customers to experience our brand of fresh and natural. Our Founder, Sheila McCann, had a vision to create a place where customers could get a glimpse of her fondest childhood memories spent with her Grandma baking bread on the family ranch in Montana.

    Her dream became reality with the opening of the first House of Bread Café in San Luis Obispo back in 1996 and

  • Wasilla Bakery

    Jamie & Grace Collins have been baking up the same all natural bread in Alaska since 2009.

    Today, we serve thousands of local customers and as they say—bread is good for the body and soul. It is the great mother of all food and has been celebrated as the most fundamental fare throughout history. Our bakery café’s pay tribute to the important role that bread has played in society and the neighborhoods that we serve.

Bread Schedule


Our bakery offers a variety of fresh breads and pastries each day. We are dedicated to providing your family with the best tasting and most nutritious bakery products available. Check out our bread schedule and nutritional values. Our products are better tasting, and better for you, than mass-produced breads purchased from the grocery store. View Bread FAQs.

Lunch Choices

Wasilla Lunch Sandwich

Our Cafes offers our customers a number of choices for lunch. Our sandwiches are made fresh to order using only the highest quality Boars Head Meats. We also provide catering for your special event or office meeting. Options include sandwiches, fruit platters, dessert trays, bread platters, and more. Contact us now to schedule.

Baking Classes

Wasilla Baking Classes

House of Bread Bakery Cafe offers hands-on bread making classes all year long. Students will be mixing their ingredients and kneading their own dough by hand. As a group, they learn how bread is made, the chemistry behind successful loaves, how dough is kneaded, how it should feel, how to bake it and what creative, fun things can be made.

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There are plenty of ways to stay connected to the House of Bread Bakery Café in Wasilla if you don’t come in on a daily basis, like lots of our customers do. We know you love our bakery products so we are providing a number of ways for you to stay connected to us, ensuring that you are aware of specials and new breads and products that we are offering.

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At the House of Bread Bakery Café—we are working at slowing things down and taking you back to a time when the smell of freshly baked bread was permeated through the entire house. But we also understand that society seems to always have us on the go, rushing from one thing to another thing. So our website provides you with the most convenient way to reach us from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Call Us Now!



We love bread. We love everything about bread. But what we love most is providing your family with the best tasting and most nutritious bakery products available. Let House of Bread cater your next event.

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